Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview with Dancer Samjhana Budhathoki

Audiences' love behind my success: Dancer Samjhana

By profession, Samjhana Budhathoki is a dancer and she does wonders on stage or in folk-song videos, keeping hundreds of audiences spellbound. She has been the much-sought-after artist lately for live stage performances inside the country or abroad. The magic of her dance is among many factors to make any show a hit. She has had quite a busy schedule performing at functions organized by Nepalis abroad. Her mesmerizing dance is the only short-cut behind her soaring fame and rich pockets. It is learned that she has put her hard-earned money in making her dream of having own house come true in Balaju.

Excerpts of talks with Samjhana by filmnepal.com:

-What are you doing these days?

I'm busy at making preparations to attend a programme being organized in Malaysia on 11 February. I'm scheduled to perform in the show there and preparing for the same.

-How is your preparation for live performance going on?

It's going on well. I'm all set for a solo performance in the show and thus working hard at my best in this regard. My full concentration is on demonstrating typical Nepalese folk dance that will make every Nepali out there remember their motherland once.

-The general public has a common perception that every function you perform becomes a hit. What do you say?

This is all because of the love from my audiences. On top of that, my performance is also very special and distinct from those of others.

-Dou you think you are among the busiest artists going abroad for performance?

Perhaps this holds truth. I often visit foreign countries to participate in programmes of different kinds where I move my body to audiences' satisfaction.

-It is said that you have had really a happy pocket. What assets have you amassed so far?

Saying frankly, nobody works without money. I'm not exception to this universal fact. It'll be an exaggeration if I say I have made a great fortune out of my career. However, I am able to live a quality life. I've no grand private vehicle as the well-to-do people have. I'm keenly looking forward to see the construction of my house in Balaju come to completion.

-Your remarriage is all in the air. What's your say on that?

This is really something very funny. I'm still single. I have no plan as such for marriage for next some years.

-It's obvious that you have gained weight. Doesn't it affect the way you dance?

Well, it's true that I have gained weight. The simple reason is the love from my audiences and my satisfaction with what I'm currently doing. So far as my fattening up is concerned, it has no exerted no adverse impact on my career till now.

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